One on One With Mickey Conn of Grayson talks with Coach Conn about 2008 season and beating Lowndes.

With no disrespect to anybody in the Grayson community or team, the biggest upset in the state of Georgia was Grayson beating Lowndes. Nobody gave them much of a chance outside of the Grayson fanbase.

Now after watching that film it was no fluke. It was a team that got after another team and the better team won that night.

Now that you have had time to reflect on the 2008 season, what stood out about this team that allowed you to get to the final 4 of 5A?

Coach Mickey Conn-" I think the biggest thing was this bunch played as a team. We had no selfish players on this team. They wanted to win and it was not a issue on who got credit and who didn't. In fact this senior class had been average throughout their career. They didn't have that one star, they just played well together. To answer your question in two words it would be Team Chemistry. They came together as a team and it was a real joy as a staff to coach them."

Coach I don't think it was any secret that not many people gave your team much of a chance going into the Lowndes game. What did you tell your team going it that game?

Coach Conn-"Nothing really different, we feel like when we take the field we can beat anybody. Our kids were really excited to play a team and program like Lowndes. We just wanted to make sure we were real physical with them to combat those great athlete's they had. We wanted to keep the ball away from them and especially Greg Reid. Our motto for our program is build character. Games like that build character for your kids and entire program. We told our kids before they went out on the field was this was a statement game for us. Our kids read the paper , they read the internet, they knew what was at stake. We didn't have to do alot to get their attention that week."

Are you doing anything different in the offseason to help keep the hunger with your team?

Coach Conn-"One of the things we started doing after we workout in the afternoon's is we spend about ten minutes discussing character topics. We talk about leadership, attitude,responsibility, setting goals and those types of things. We feel like that helps us come together as a team."

Do you guys discuss team goals during the offseason?

Coach Conn-" When I first started this program we set the goal of winning the state championship every year. I have since learned that is not the way to handle it. Going into the 2006 season we set a goal of making the playoffs. Let's just get there and then we can reset our goals once we are in."

Rusty's Final Word-With players like Shawn Green and Joseph Champaign returning I think Grayson can make a serious run at the dome.

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