2010 Athlete Talks Visit

More Schools have taken notice of one of the best kept secrets in Georgia, Blake Gowder.

I have talked about this young man every chance I have gotten when the term sleeper has come up over the last 3 months.

Union County 2010 Athlete Blake Gowder is one of the best secrets of this 2010 class.

Have you taken any visits lately?

Blake Gowder-" Yes Sir I went to UGA for there junior day.It was a good time and we got to watch them practice. I really liked that. I got to visit with Coach Ball and he said he would be keeping in touch."

Are you hearing from any new schools?

Gowder- Clemson and Kentucky have been in touch with me. I have been invited to quite a few junior days. I honestly can't remember who all has invited me to their school. I know I am hearing alot from UGA, Tennessee, Georgia Tech and Alabama. I will be going over to Clemson pretty soon."

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