One On One With Lovett Coach Mike Muschamp talks with Lovett coach about upcoming season and playing in a tough region.

There is a certain amount of teams that you can just about every year count on being in the playoffs. One of those schools is The Lovett School of Atlanta.

A private school that has a tradition of hard nosed gritty type of kids. Having played Lovett in high school myself and seeing them play many times in person, I know what kind of product they produce year in and year out. Tough kids and well coached team every year.

Coach what do you guys focus on in the offseason as a team?

Coach Mike Muschamp-"We basically meet with each kid and a parent of the kids that were on the varsity from last year. We discuss team goals and personal goals for each.We make a point not to discuss the previous year. Each year is a different team and different make up of kids, so we have no reason to discuss last year with them.

We really focus on looking forward as opposed to looking back with our players. This is our main focus of what we do during this time. One of our concerns is our kids getting stronger and making sure they find time to lift weights.

Due to our academics here, we don't have a weightlifting class like most of the teams we play. Our kids are involved in so many sports as well, we really make sure they are finding time to lift. If they wait until June 1st to start, we are already behind the GAC's, Buford and those teams in our region.If we don't find a way to get in some lifting, we fall way behind those teams.

The Lovett football book is a storied tradition and I stress with each team they are going to be writing their own chapters. The more work they put in the more they will get out it."

You may play in the toughest region in the state. I imagine it is not hard to get the kids attention each week.

Coach Muschamp-" I really compare it to the SEC, in the way of week in and week out you are in a dog fight. We really didn't help ourselves last year by scheduling Woodward Academy and Calloway to start the season out.

Both of those teams proved how good they were by making a run deep into the playoffs from their region. Week in and week out in this region you can not take a break. Everybody knows about Westminister, GAC, Blessed Trinity and Buford. Take a team like Decatur and they have some great athlete's and it make this region very tough. Throw in also that every team is very well coached."

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