Quick Notes From Atlanta

Some " under the radar" guys show up big in Atlanta

I will have more complete coverage and breakdown of the event held Friday in Atlanta, but I wanted to give you a few quick notes.

Ean Pemberton- RB from Grayson is tiny, but this young man is electric and quick as any person I have seen. He makes you pay attention to him,by making play after play.

Rahmon Swain- LB from ML King HS really had a good day. He was very physical and looked good in coverage all day.

Hutson Mason- QB from Lassiter throws a very nice ball and he will get some looks from some SEC schools before it is over.

Ronald Carswell- WR from Westside Macon is a stud plain and simple. You will read a ton about him this week as he won overall camp MVP.

All the kids you read about daily did not disappoint, Alec Ogletree, Mack Brown, Conner Shaw, Darick Rogers, Mike Taylor.

Stay tuned this week, should have stories daily.

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