Little Man Shines With The "Big Boys"

Grayson Running Back Ean Pemberton walked into the Scout.Com Combine with over 200 prospects in Atlanta knowing he was the smallest prospect there. However that is case in just about every sporting event he goes to. He just continues to perform and make a name for himself.

On Friday in Atlanta over 200 of "elite" college football prospects showed up to showcase their skills.

Ean Pemberton was easiest the smallest athlete on site. Dont let his size fool you however, this kid is a player. I was in charge of the running back vs linebacker group in one on one's and NO ONE stopped this kid.

I put him one on one versus a linebacker in front of the whole camp and he buckled the linebackers ankles and he hit the ground.

What was the experience like of attending a Scout.Com combine?

Ean Pemberton-" Today I just came out to have a good time. I heard it was supposed to rain, so I was not sure I would be able to perform.

I just came to have fun and do what I had to do. I left with a award of Scout.Com All Combine Team."

Do you feel like you have to prove yourself each week because of your size?

Pemberton-"Yes Sir I think alot of the guys today took me lightly today until they realized I am pretty good and then it was too late. I had to show them us smaller guys can play at their level too.

What were your stats last year and what schools are you hearing from?

Pemberton-" I am hearing from Oklahoma State, East Carolina and Georgia Tech. I rushed for 1,950 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Rusty's Final Word- I had heard about him and seen clips from the Lowndes game. But after seeing him in person on Friday in Atlanta he is somebody that is a weapon. A school is going to have to find a place for him, but any team that find a way to get him the ball 5-8 times a game will make them better.

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