Hutson Mason Talks Big 10 Trips and Combine

Hutson Mason talks about his trip to Iowa, Purdue, Indiana over the last 3 days. He also discusses his performance at the Scout.Com Combine in Atlanta on Friday

I wrote a piece about the quarterback class of 2010 in the state of Georgia. I left off Hutson Mason in that article and I have to issue a public apology for that.

This young man is stepping up and stepping up at the right time. It is camp and combine season. If he continues to perform as he did on Friday in Atlanta he will receive offers from several more BCS schools. I was very impressed with him as well as Scout.Com South Recruiting Manager Chad Simmons.

How was your experience of attending a Scout.Com combine?

Hutson Mason-" It was really fun. I was very pleased with it. I thought it was very organized and well ran. It was not one of those combines with like 400 kids. The competetion was at a high level in every group. I was able to get alot of throws in and that is what you want when you attend a combine with that many scouts looking at you. I really did love and it was a great chance to compete. I got to see what type of talent we have all over the state as far as quarterbacks. I knew, Connor, Blake, Nash on those guys would be there so I knew it would be good for me to be there to."

How was your trip to Iowa?

Mason-" I loved it to tell you truth. We came up here and they toured us around the school. I really like how well people talked about coach Ferentz.

I went out of my way to ask a ball boy and a Gatorade girl how coach Ferentz treats them as well. I was just really trying to figure out what type of guy he was.

I heard nothing but good things about him. I got to sit down and talk to him. He was just like talking to a regular guy. He did not big time me. I liked that about him. I want to have a good relationship with my head coach of whatever school I chose. I think the fact that he has 5 kids helps him communicate with his players."

How was your trips to Indiana and Purdue?

Mason-" I made a quick trip by Indiana and got to meet their head coach. They are going to come down in the spring and watch me in person.

I got to spend a little more time at Purdue. They have a awesome 100 yard indoor practice area. I really liked that.

Purdue is a offense that throws the ball alot and I really liked that. They also offer the degree I want in aviation so that is a really good thing for Purdue. I really am interested in them. They are going to come see me in the spring also in person."

Rusty's Final Word- This young man is about to see his recruiting pick up quite a bit.

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