South Ga. QB Just Wants A Chance

Wayne County QB Parker Welch just wants a chance to shine and show he is a D1 player.

Playing in a Wing T offense Wayne County Junior QB Parker Welch is not going to blow you away from mere stats alone.

However that is not keeping colleges from finding him. He attended our Scout.Com combine in Atlanta and showed his has the potential to play on the next level.

I remember reading the story of former Alabama QB Jay Barker playing in a wishbone offense. I think it worked out for him on the next level and it could for Welch as well.

What was your stats last year?

Parker Welch-"I threw for 540 yards, however we run the Wing T and double wing offense and we dont throw it much. I had my best game against Statesboro when I was 11 for 17. I think they was the most we threw all year.

How was your experience at the Scout.Com combine in Atlanta?

Welch-"It was great and there was alot of great players there. Made me realize how many good players there is around the state and how much I had to work to make myself better. There were good receivers and corners there. It was not like I was throwing to the average Joe's. It was a good challenge and great experience for me."

What schools are you hearing from?

Welch-" I just got a handwritten later from Vanderbilt this weekend. I have heard from Coach Bobo at UGA. Florida, Georgia Southern and Boston College to name a few.

I will be attending the Mark Richt camp in Athens in June. After that I will be attending the Georgia Southern Camp.

I have recently heard from Boston College and I may go up there in June to a camp as well.

Rusty's Final Word-" It is hard to judge a quarterback playing in his offense. He did hold his own with the "elite" at the Scout.Com combine in Atlanta however. He will have his chance at the camps he will attend this summer. Stay tuned to Scout.Com and we will continue to monitor his progression throughout the summer.

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