One On One With 2010 LB Rahmon Swain

2010 LB Rahmon Swain talks about making the Scout.Com All Combine Team in Atlanta and playing with Mack Brown.

One of the best parts of the this job is finding the "diamonds in the rough" and the young men that stand out in a crowd.

At the Atlanta Scout.Com combine I was in charge of watching the linebackers and running backs during the one on one's.

One young man I did not recognize was MLK high school linebacker Rahmon Swain.

It didn't take long for me to remember him. He won almost every rep he took against the running back group. He showed very good punch and seemed very strong in his upper body. He also showed good hips, while covering the RB's. He could turn and run and not lose speed which is vital when covering a smaller quicker back in open space.

What was your experience like at the Scout.Com combine?

Rahmon Swain-" It was a fun day, but I mainly came there to make a impact. It was real fun and making the All Combine team was just extra to me."

What schools are you hearing from and what schools have you visited?

Rahmon Swain-" I have been hearing from Ole Miss, Auburn, West Virginia, Michigan State, Alabama and Georgia. I went to Ole Miss and Auburn for their junior days. Both of those schools are really good places, that I like alot."

What is it like playing with a player like Mack Brown?

Swain-"It is great, it is fun to watch him play. I will catch myself sometimes just watching the things he does during the game.If you are not careful, you will get sidetracked. You know he is a humble person. He is my boy and he has not changed as a person even with offers from all over the country."

Rusty's Final Word- I expect this young man's stock to rise very soon. There will be a ton of coaches coming to their spring practice at MLK HS and I am sure they will want to see more of Rahmon Swain once they see him play.

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