Pre Spring Top 10 picks their pre spring top 10 players. After a few months of watching films and seeing a ton of players in 2 different combines we feel pretty good about our top 10 in the Peach State.

No doubt this list will change, but I feel after seeing a ton of kids from the state on film and attending the Atlanta Scout.Com Combine and the Kennedy/CES combine, I will release a pre spring top 10.

Keep in mind, that Scout.Com will be on the road to see alot of schools over the next 3 weeks so stay tuned for those reports on teams and players. List could change a little in the post spring list.

1. Mack Brown- Brown just did edge out Alec Ogletree for me. Not only is he a gamebreaker with true 4.4 speed, he is a "yes sir", "no sir" kid. He has great balance and the ability to take the corner or get those 3 tough yards in the red zone on 4th and 2.

Way too early prediction on college choice- Florida over Georgia

2. Alec Ogletree- I have said this before when seeing him in person. He is a future NFL player. I got the same feeling watching Reggie Brown in high school. A physical presence at Safety with size and speed to burn. Could be a 4 yr starter type at any school in the country.

Way too early prediction on college choice- Miami over Georgia

3. JuWuan James- All you had to do was watch the NFL draft this weekend to see the value on a true left tackle. I saw all I need to see on James last year against Brynes SC. He is 6'6" with long arms and great feet. Needs to work on his run blocking but he is ready pass blocking wise right now for the next level.

Way too early prediction on college choice- Alabama over Georgia

4. Da' Rick Rogers- Really needs to show in games that he can be the elite player many thank he is. If the offseason is any indication he will be. He does not think any corner can cover him and not many have this spring. Big body WR that can run a sub 4.4.

Way too early prediction on college choice- Georgia over Florida

5. Markeith Ambles- Ambles is the wild card in this list. He can vault to No 1 if plays with his full potential. At times he can be unstoppable and times where he disappears in games. Had a coach from a BCS school tell me " that kid can be the next Champ Bailey".

Way too early prediction on college choice- Alabama over USC

6. Garrison Smith- Look at the words on James and apply d-line for left tackle on Smith. Young man will need to redshirt to gain some weight. This is my pick of all these kids to be a All American in college if fills out the way I think he can.

Way too early prediction on college choice- Georgia over Georgia Tech

7. Brian Vogler- He continues to grow on me each time I watch his film. I have been torn between this kid playing OT or WR/TE on the next level. He is going to be a hybrid TE for somebody. Hard to believe he is not stiff at 6'8" , but he is not. Going to be a MAJOR Weapon in the red zone for somebody.

Way too early prediction on college choice- Alabama over Tennessee

8. Jalen Fields - Very athletic big man with a long frame and long arms. Has really good speed off the edge.

Already committed to UGA

9. Ryan Ayers- Is the No 1 CB in the state with blazing speed. I have seen him in person 3 times and each time he shows why he is considered elite. Has good size to boot. He plays safety in HS, so it may take him a while on the next level, but he will be a star.

Way too early prediction on college choice- Georgia and Georgia Tech are dead even at this point. Tech was suppose to be the choice, but I am hearing other wise lately from someone close to him. I can't honestly make a choice on him at this time.

10. Ronald Carswell- A silky smooth WR that came on strong at the Scout.Com Atlanta Combine to claim MVP few weeks back. Looks a little thin and raw, but he is extremely quick and has great hands.

Committed to Alabama

Names that should be on this list somewhere

Tai-ler Jones, Mike Taylor, Brandon Burrows, Antonio Goodwin, Storm Johnson

Biggest Pre Spring Sleeper

Henry Anderson- Kid is going to continue to rise all summer long on the rankings.

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