One On One With North Paulding's Heath Webb talks North Paulding Coach Heath Webb. He talks about starting a new program and coaching a player like Chris Conley.

I know being a head coach for the first time must be a very tough situation for any coach. There is not training for that, you just have to learn on the job and count on the people with experience around you.

Coach Heath Webb not only dealt with being a head coach for the first time, he was starting a new program.

I mean the kind of program where you don't even have shoulder pads for your team when you first get there.

There is no hand book for this kind coaching I can assure you of that.

Coach what is your background and where have you been the last 5-6 years?

Coach Heath Webb-" I started at Habersham Central in 2002 as the receivers coach. In 2003 I went to Milton as the offensive coordinator. In 2006 I went to Lumpkin County HS as assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator. I then took the job at North Paulding in 2007.

What was the biggest surprise to you when starting a new program?

Coach Webb- " The cool thing is we get to start our traditions on our own. We walked into a building with all Freshman, so there was no bad habits there. There was no bad tradition there. We were able to build our own habits with our kids. On a tougher note, trying to get off the ground money wise was tough and still is today. We have no alumni base to draw from.

What did it feel like to get that first win last year versus Allatoona HS?

Coach Webb- It was exciting for our kids. It was the Fox5 Atlanta featured game of the week. We had that game marked on the calendar. We knew it would be tough, but we felt like if we played well we could win that game. It was a big weight off our shoulders and our kids were very excited in the locker room.

Even though you are a 3rd year program you have a athlete that is drawing attention in Chris Conley. What does he bring to the table.

Coach Webb-" The great thing about him is that he is a well rounded young man. This young man works as hard in the classroom as he does on the football field.He has a great set of parents that have raised him well."

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