One on One With Grayson DE Joseph Champaign

I often use the term "great motor" and what I mean is a player who never gives up on a play and you always see hustle out of them. One look at Joseph Champaign video and you see the true meaning of this recruiting term.

Good intial punch, low pad level and relentless pursuit of the ball. A perfect description of every coach's dream DE recruit. Some schools are going to say he is " too short". Give me a team FULL of Joseph Champaign's and we will play anybody, anywhere.

What schools have offered you?

Joseph Champaign-"Syracuse, BYU, Stanford, Georgia Southern and Air Force."

What schools are you hearing from the most that has not offered you?

Champaign-"Navy, West Virginia the most."

What are you guys doing at Grayson this offseason to try to get to the dome this year?

Champaign-" Everybody is working really hard and we are trying to build a bond as a team. We are just trying to win games."

How fun is it playing with a running back like Ean Pemberton?

Champaign-" Oh that is fun. He is a great player and great person. He has alot of traits that make him a good player. He is always as comes to workouts on times and he is a very good leader for us."

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