Nermin Delic Rolling In The Offers talks with Northwest Whitfield TE/DE Nermin Delic and discusses his offers and what schools have stopped in lately.

Just when it seems like you have a knowledge of every kid in the state a player like Nermin Delic turns up.

This young man has a world of potential and from talking with him he has head in the right place.

Who all has offered you so far?

Nerman Delic-" Maryland, Middle Tennessee State, Florida International,Marshall, Florida Atlantic and Tulsa are my official offers.

NC State said they are really close to offering me, Georgia and Vandy want me to get my weight back up and they could offer as well."

What schools have been by to see you this spring?

Delic-" Wake Forest, Clemson, Georgia, Georgia Tech and some other schools. Kentucky came by today."

What is your current size?

Delic-" I am 6'5" 235 lbs.

What is your top 5 schools as of today?

Delic - "My top 5 in no particular order are Georgia, Oklahoma State, Maryland, Vanderbilt and NC State."

What position do you want to play on the next level?

Delic- "Either TE or DE it does not matter."

Rusty's Final Word-" I am expecting Delic to become more and more of a household name in the coming weeks. I am going to get some game tapes and should have more on this young man soon. Stay tuned....."

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