Best Game You Have Ever Seen? Talks about some of the Classic Games from the past.

I probably could interview 100 different people and get at least 85 different answers of the best games in Georgia High School Football History.

Being in my 30's it is obvious that I can only go back so far, but I have seen a ton of games in my time.

1) Valdosta vs SW Dekalb- Many people believe this game in the dome was the best ever. I don't think I could argue with them either. Quincy Carter put a team on his back and almost beat the mighty Wildcats falling just a bit short in the end.

2) Commerce vs East Rome- These two teams played a couple of classic games in the late 70's. My Grandfather who was a avid Commerce fan spoke of these games until the day he passed away. I was not there, but after hearing the stories and they got better each time he told them. Talked with many people that were at those games and they light up when you talk of them.

3) Bremen vs ECI- This game had everything you wanted this past year in the quarterfinals. Rain, mud, cold and a game that featured a fumble on the one yard line late in the 4th. It ended with Bremen WR running into the goalpost on the last play of the game diving for a TD on the last play. Instant Classic and I knew it as I was watching that last drive by ECI of over 9 minutes.

4) Pepperell vs Early County - In a semi final game in 1990 the game was decided with a fumble in the last 20 seconds on the one yard line. I was fortunate enough to play in this game and be on the winning side. Ray Goff, Bobby Bowden and Pat Dye were all on the sideline to watch this one.

5) West Rome vs Central Carrollton - This game in 1985 featured Two teams that won 6 state championships in a row from 1982-1987. West Rome entered the game with 12 shutouts in a row to start the season. I swear Barron Stadium in Rome moved 6 inches to the left when Central Carrollton scored in the 13th game of the year. West Rome went on to win by a touchdown and claim there 4th State Championship in a row in 1985.

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