"Pops" Gets It Done

There are "fans" for each program and then there are "fans". It is these type of behind the scenes people that make a program go. "Pops" is one of those fans.

At Cherokee County High School on even giving day odds are if you are at a event you will see him. "Pops" is one of those people that makes a program run. Cooking hot dogs, running errands no chore is to small for him. If it makes the program better he will do it.

I spoke with Coach Clint Shaw of Cherokee County High. Coach Shaw is a assistant coach and had this to say about "Pops".

Coach Shaw-" Pops had 2 grand kids that came through the program back a few years back around 2000. He was really involved in their lives. It just happens due to other matters we had to kick one of them off the team.

Pops never asked why and he totally supported it. He stood by our decision as a staff. Pops just wants to be around the kids. He supports all our programs. I drive the bus for basketball and he gets on there with us and goes wherever to give his support.

He was a painter by trade and he painted our whole stadium. It was not like the man painted some numbers on the field. This man painted the whole stadium. He has also painted a bunch of different things in the school building etc.

Every Thursday , Friday ,Saturday he is working somewhere in our program. He works the grill at the youth park on Saturday mornings.

Everybody hear knows him and loves him. He is one of those people that everybody will stop their day for a minute just to talk to him when they see him.

A few years back we played in the Corky Kell Classic at the Georgia Dome and they sent us our sidelines passes. I was in charge of getting those done so I just took care of sending in the names that were giving to me. When they get back they were handing them out in a meeting.

Keep in mind everybody here knows him as a "Pops". So we get to a name that nobody knows and one of the coaches says " Don Abney, who the %#@* is Don Abney?" The room got real quite and we all looked around and all of sudden Pops raises his hand and says that is me. We had no clue, but it was funny that after all those years nobody knew his real name."

Rusty's Final Word-" Whether or not anybody knows his real name. Pops is a MVP at Cherokee every single day and I can assure you the whole community and staff know it."

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