When is a "Offer" Not a "Offer"

Sometimes a "Offer" is not a "Offer". Sounds confusing doesn't it. Imagine being a prospect to a school who has offered you and you try to committ to find out the "offer" no longer exist.

While having dinner this past weekend with some friends of mine the discussion of recruiting came up. Several of these guys had played college football in the past and had went through the recruiting process almost 20 years ago.

The word "committable" offer came up and they all about hit the floor." What is the difference from a offer" they kept asking me.

I have players and coaches ask me all the time about this word. Let me put this in very basic words to everyone that reads this. The world of recruiting has changed almost 80% in the last 2 years with the "offering" of Juniors.

How so you might ask? Teams have nothing to lose by offering a young man that is a Junior in high school. 95% of these kids are not qualified when the school lets the coach know by phone or in person they have a "offer".

There is several schools that I know that go around country dropping "offers" at every school they enter it seems like. I had one coach from south Georgia tell me that one BCS school will never step foot in his high school ever again as long as he is there. Two years ago he had two of his kids were "committed" only to find out the offers were not good late in the process.

How can these schools do this or in what way do they do this you mite ask? It is very simple especially dealing with underclassmen.

Recruit- "Coach I am calling you to tell you that I am deciding on coming to your school."

Coach-" Have you taken your SAT yet? You really need that before I can take your commit"

Recruit-" No Sir, I am planning on taking that in the fall of next year my Senior year."

Coach -"We really need you to get a qualifying score on that first. We are only going to take two prospects at your position."

Fast Forward 6 Months

Recruit-" Coach I am calling you to tell you I now have a qualifying SAT score and want to attend your school."

Coach-" I am sorry to tell you we are already full at your position."

Translation- They had 2 other kids ranked ahead of the prospect and the school wound up getting both so in the end, the offer was never "committable".

There are certain schools that have dropped over 150 offers in the Southeast alone. They would have to be very creative in their reasoning if all of these came forward within a week's time to committ.

I warn parents all the time be careful when you throw aroud the word "offer", because it may not be in the end a "Committable" one.

Schools use this to make sure they can keep kids interested in their programs while they can evaluate them further through the summer months." Spring Offer" is another popular term that is very close in meaning.

Rusty's Final Word- I am not picking on schools for doing this, I am just trying to explain the true meaning of the word "OFFER". There are schools that if they "Offer" you they will honor it at anytime during the recruiting process. Some schools do it one way and some schools do it another way is the bottom line.

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