Watters Getting Close To Decision

2010 Quarterback Jonathan Watters is getting close to making a decision. Find out what team is out in the lead...

For the 2010 class of Quarterbacks decision time is getting soon for many of them.

Jonathan Watters will decide very soon on where he will play on the next level.

What schools are you hearing from lately?

Jonathan Watters-" Troy, MTSU, Western Carolina, UGA, Georgia Southern have all been in touch with me lately.

What camps are you going to?

Watters-" I am going to Middle Tennessee on June 6th, UGA on the 13th and Georgia Southern on the 20th.

Are you close to deciding?

Watters-" Yea, I am close to making a decision. I am going to wait till after the camps then committ."

Any school in the lead for you?

Watters-" Yes Sir, Georgia Southern"

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