One On One with Lassiter Coach Chip Lindsey talks with Chip Lindsey of Lassiter. He discusses some of the changes he made when he got to Lassiter and coaching a player like Hutson Mason. talks with Coach Chip Lindsey of Lassiter and what he has done to turn up the numbers in his program.

Coach what has been your back ground in the last few years leading up to you taking the job at Lassiter?

Coach Lindsey-" I was a head coach in North Alabama at high school in 05 and 06. I then was the OC at Hoover in the 07 season. I accepted the Lassiter job on February 1st 2008."

So you brought the spread offense to Lassiter?

Coach Lindsey-" Yes I did. I ran that as a head coach and probably the reason I got the job at Hoover because of the offense."

What was something you wanted to address at Lassiter as soon as you got there?

Coach Lindsey-" We had to change the mindset and make the kids believe they could win first to have any success here.

We also need to increase numbers. It was 67 players when I got here and last year we dressed 101."

Did you do anything different this offseason?

Coach Lindsey-" Basically we just made sure that the kids we had this offseason were committed to us and would be with us in the 09 season.

We want to make sure they know this is a special place to play football and they are held accountable for their actions on and off the field. I think our kids have bought into that because we finished spring with 128 kids."

What is it like coaching a player like Hutson Mason?

Coach Lindsey-"It is a great thing and a coaches dream. He is just like having another coach on the field. He is a tremendous competitor and that drives him. He takes everything serious and he just a tremendous player to have running the offense."

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