Catching Up With Austin Shepherd talks with North Gwinnett Offensive Lineman about his upcoming season and why he chose Alabama.

I have to admit that last year going to the Byrnes, SC vs. North Gwinnett game I was unaware of Austin Shepard, but it didn't take long in warm ups to spot him.

He is a massive player at the high school level at 6'5" and 315 lbs. caught up with Austin and here is what he told us

What have you guys being doing in the offseason to prepare for the upcoming season and the opener vs. Prattville, Alabama?

Austin Shepherd-" We have been working really hard in the weight room and on the field doing auxillary things. We got after it pretty good for 10 days back in the Spring and let the new guys learn the playbook."

You open the season with Byrnes last year and Prattville this year. Are you looking forward to this game?

Shepherd-" I think we played good last year against Byrnes, but we didn't start the 2nd half like we should have and they got us in the end. We showed we could play with anybody. We are looking forward to playing Prattville."

Have you seen any film on them?

Shepherd-" Yea I have seen some on them"

What would you tell the fans of Alabama that read this they are getting in Austin Shepherd?

Shepherd-" I am physical and nasty and I love to mix it up. I love the treches and I love the battle that takes place there. I like to dominate people inside"

Rusty's Final Word- Alabama loves the big physical bulldozer type kids and Shepherd fits that to a tee. Look for him and JuWuan James to be one of the better tandems in the country this year for any team.

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