Summer Season in Full Swing

School's out and the heat has begun in the Peach State. High school football is just around the corner and teams are working daily to prepare.

For many years the Peach state has been known as a "wing T" state. Over the last few years the spread offense has made it's way down to the high school level.

More and more you hear terms like "passing league" or "7 on 7" tournament. For the people that do not have a clue what I am talking about, it is simply flag football with helmets on.

Like it or not it is developing quality passing teams and quarterbacks from this state. Don't get me wrong I am still a firm believer in a good running game and stout defense. I played on a team that played 15 games and I was the leading receiver on the team with 11 catches. Trust me I know the value of a running game. Times are changing and teams are becoming more flexible with multiple sets and the ability to run a complex passing system. The time and work in the summer allows each team to do this.

The schedule is covered up this summer with passing leagues and tournaments.

North Gwinnett just hosted a qualifier last week for Select 7 on 7 National Championship. Scout.Com will be on hand next month at Hoover Alabama high school to cover the championship.

Next week, Chad Simmons will be at a passing league at Georgia Tech and I will cover a 2 day tourney at Darlington next Thursday and Friday. Mack Brown and his ML King teammates will be in Rome, Georgia to take on 20 plus teams.

Stay tune to as we will cover alot of these events in the incoming weeks.

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