One on One With Newnan Coach Mike McDonald

Mike McDonald talks with about the Ogletree twins and replacing 33 Seniors from last year's squad.

It is always tough for a new head coach to takeover. Mike McDonald is taking over for a legend of a coach in Robert Herring and trying to replace 33 Seniors from last year's quarterfinal team.

Coach what a atmosphere at Newnan last year for the Camden County game.

Coach McDonald-" It was a great game, we just did not handle that first 5 minutes very well. After that we held our own. Give Camden alot of credit for that as well. There was no shame in losing to those guys, we just got behind and couldn't over come it.

I was on the sideline for the last 5 minutes of that game and your kids were very upset when the clock ran out. Have you talked about that any in the offseason?

Coach McDonald-" I will be honest with you, we lost so many kids off that team, this is a totally different football team. We lost 33 Seniors and all 11 starters on offense. We just can't focus on getting back to beat Camden, we have to make sure we are getting better as a football team because it is a totally different make up from last year."

What is little of your background as a coach?

Coach McDonald-" I was a coach at Union Grove for 6 years. I was a assistant for 3 years and Head Coach for 3 years. In my last two years we made it to the 2nd round. I played on the state championship team at Morrow High School in 1987. I played defensive back on that team. I came over to Newnan as a Defensive coordinator and I am now fortunate to be the head coach at Newnan High School.

What is it like coaching the Ogletree twins?

Coach McDonald-" I tell you this. I was on the beach today. Earlier I had went and bought a college football magazine and saw that Alec was rated the 31st best high school player in the country. I told my wife there is no way there is 30 players better than him in high school football.(Laughing) My wife did make a point that he was the first safety listed. He is a special player and the best one I have ever coached. He doesn't get the credit he deserves for his ball skills, because of the highlight tapes we made was of him knocking people's helmet off. I truly believe he is going to be a safety in college. Alot of people don't realize that Zander lead us in tackles as a sophomore. Zander can more than hold his hold with anybody.

Rusty's Final Word-" Coach McDonald is fighting a uphill battle replacing all those starters from last year, but Zander and Alec Ogletree will help ease that transition."

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