2010 QB Delays Decision

GAVSV.com talks about Watters decision to delay his college choice.

Jonathan Watters has never been one to be in the limelight. He spends as much time on a tractor and working on a farm as he does throwing football. Nothing against that because it shows the young man is not afraid of hardwork.

He was "very close" to making a decision about a month ago and has decided to wait.

It is no secret that the 2010 class of quarterbacks is not as strong as the 2009 class on paper.There is alot of D1 schools looking for a quaterback and Watters could be that one.

We will see how that plays out a few years from now down the road with the 09 vs 10 classes of Qb's.

I got some calls last week from some people I trust in the industry and said Jonathan looked as good as ever throwing the ball at the 7 on 7 camp at Darlington.

" I was just real pleased with how we threw the ball over there. We are replacing some seniors we lost year and we did really well. A big part of that was Jonathan putting the ball where our kids could catch it and the defender couldn't get to it", said coach Jeff Shiftlett.

Rusty's Final Word- Looks like some new schools are getting involved and may have played a part in his decision to delay. Stay tuned to GAVSV.com as we will follow Watters until he makes his decision.

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