"Dead Week" Leads to Much Needed Time Off

GAVSV.com is on vacation like all the other schools in the State of Georgia sort of....

I have always heard of "dead" period in recruiting, but never in high schools sports. Are really pushing the kids this hard that we need a "dead" week?

What is a "dead" week you ask?

It is a week where to my understanding there can be no practices or lifting on your schools property. It is like a mandatory week off.

I happen to be friends with many coaches and I know they appreciate the time off, but my concern is how much we are practicing in June to make it a mandatory week off in July?

Some of the two a day's in August that "people" are trying to do away is the real benefit to a team. Not the "two a days" in the 2nd week of June.

I know the heat index and safety is the main concern and I truly am behind that. To me sugarcoating practice in August puts the kids in more danger come the 3rd week of August when that young man has to play 4 quarters in the heat. Even if it is night, it is extremely hot especially if young man has been practicing at 6am for a month.

Whoever the "people" are making decisions, make some rules and allow the coaches to do their jobs.

I was part of a championship team. We didn't prepare ourselves by throwing routes against air in the 2nd week of June. We got there by hard work in August when you wanted to quit everyday, but something inside of you said to keep going. The same voice you hear when you are dead tired in the 4th quarter, but you still want to make one more play with 5 seconds left on the clock.

Rusty's Final Word- I fully understand the importance of passing league's. I am by no means saying do way with these, but if some time needs to cut back on then I bet the coaches wish it was June rather than August.

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