2011 Big Man Discusses Summer/Season

GAVSV.com talks with 2011 OT prospect from Dalton High School. Hear what he has to say about his team, his summer and opening game at Calhoun.

Without a doubt one of the biggest Offensive Tackles in the country plays in Dalton, Georgia. Watts Dantzler hovers over the huddle at 6'8" and 295lbs.

Have you been to anybody combines or schools this summer?

Watts Dantzler-" I went over to Georgia for their one day. I had foot surgery right after the spring game so I wasn't able to compete or anything, so I just went to watch."

How is your foot now?

Dantzler-" Oh yes sir, I had a small bone removed from ankle that had been there from some ankle sprains. We had a dead week last week, but when we start tomorrow I should be 100% ready to go."

How many current offers do you have?

Dantzler-" I have Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, NC State, Clemson and Duke."

Do you plan on going to anymore schools this summer?

Dantzler-" I am going to try to go over to Georgia or Auburn on July 18th. I have not decided yet."

How has the team been doing this summer?

Dantzler-" Things are going pretty good. We have some people that need to step up and so far they have in the weightroom. We have alot of talent on this team. Having Jalen Fields helps too."

Are you looking forward to the Calhoun game?

Dantzler-" Oh yea, I can't wait. That game is going to be crazy down at Calhoun."

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