Looks at 2010 Defensive Lineman discusses the Defensive Lineman from the Peach State.

Just as we discussed with the offensive lineman games are won up front. The defensive line is not only key to up front it is the key to everything behind it as well. If your defensive lineman don't get pressure no corner in the country can cover a WR for 6 seconds. They must also be able to take up space and blockers, which then allows the linebackers to roam free and head hunt.

You don't have to be a play making DT to be a star, you just have to do your role.

Garrison Smith-Douglass HS-Easy choice as the best defensive tackle in the state and some say the nation. This young plays extremely fast and has a non stop motor. He may be the best defensive tackle prospect to come out of Georgia in the last 15 yrs or so. Had 14 sacks last year and 108 tackles to tell you what type of motor he plays with.

Michael Thornton- Stephenson-He is a little short according to some at 6'1", but just watch the film and see this kid defeat a double team. He has the best intial punch of any defensive lineman in the state. Has great hands and uses those to keep the offensive lineman from engaging him.

Shawn Green-Grayson- I have had one person in the coaching business tell me Green was the number one kid at their camp. "He outworked every kid in our camp", was his exact words to me. He makes plays from sideline to sideline. Somebody is going to get a steal in this young man.

Jeffery Whitaker- Warner Robins HS-If any kid in the state of Georgia looks like a NFL player right now it is Whitaker. He is a massive 6'4" 300 lbs +. He already benches over 400 lbs. I can't imagine what he is going to look like in 3 yrs of college. EXTREMELY strong and plays with good pad level for a big man.

Kyle Woestmann- Walton Scout.Com's Burke Hayes( who now coaches at Walton)can't say enough good things about this young man. What Hayes hasn't said, the film on him has. Plays nonstop from whistle to whistle. Has a very good first step and maybe a tad quicker than 5 star DT last year Abry Jones. Really impressed with this young man. He is a 3 year college starter type kid and those are RARE in D1 football on defensive line.

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