One on One With Gainesville Coach Miller talks with Gainesville coach Bruce Miller. He discusses the goal of this team and how he handled all the coaches that came through his school this spring.

Gainesville high school coach Bruce Miller has a problem that almost every coach in the state would love to have. So many college prospects at your school that everyday it seems a different college is either stopping by or at least calling. Tailer Jones, Blake Sims, Duante Carr and AJ Johnson are the headliners.

Coach I know the season didn't end like you wanted to last year with a loss to Carver Columbus. What did you focus on as a team in the offseason to get better?

Coach Miller- We started a bunch of juniors last year and now they have that experience needed. We really worked hard in the weight room in the offseaon. As a staff we went back and really looked at everything we did last year to see what mistakes we could correct. We really focused on things we could fix to get us to the next step. I really feel we are much stronger physically than we have been in the past. Having Blake Sims have a full year under his belt is going to make us better also.

How have you dealt with all the schools calling and coming to see your kids?

Coach Miller-" I have put one of our staff members Todd Wofford in charge of all of that. I am involved, but I put them straight in contact with Coach Wofford to get the DVD's etc.

He really does a good job and it has helped us in getting kids placed. We take it real serious in trying to help our kids go on to play and further their education on the next level."

With all that Blake did in his first year in your offense, how much do you expect of him?

Coach Miller-" (Laughing) That is a good question. I think we will get alot more and we got alot last year and that is leadership out of him.

I think he totally understands what is going on with our offense now. In fact last week out in Oregon, he made a suggestion to me and I was like wow.

It really seems like he is seeing the whole picture now.

Have you talked as a team about the state championship"

Coach Miller-" We have mentioned it to our kids, but our main goal is to win the region first and then worry about the playoffs. North Hall, Flowery Branch and all those teams will be ready to play us, so we have to be ready for region play before all the other stuff.

Rusty, I think the other thing that will carry this team is chemistry. They really like each other on and off the field. I was watching them on this trip and they were having a ball together and cutting up. You can tell they are close group.

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