Synjyn Days Is Getting Close

Hillgrove Quarterback/Athlete Synjyn Days is getting towards the end of the process. Find out what schools are still in contention and find out when he is going to decide.

Synjyn Days is a pleasant young man to talk with. I like a prospect that handles himself off the field ,but can flip a switch and turn into a warrior on Friday night. Days, is a yes sir/no sir type kid, but his film speaks volumes about how he plays with a different attitude on the field. caught up with him recently and discussed the upcoming season and when he is going to decide.

How has your team( Hillgrove) prepared this offseason to become a better team?

Synjyn Days-" Well this year we have hit the weights pretty hard and probably the hardest since I have been at Hillgrove. Everybody is excited about the upcoming season.

We all have been taking protein shakes and making sure we are not eating junk food all the time. We also had a bible study for our team every Thursday and most of the team attended each week. This helped us become closer."

How is your recruiting going?

Days-"I am pretty much done with visits and going to camps. I am staying in touch with the schools that have offered me."

Do you have any favorites?

Days-" No sir, I don't have any favorites right now. All the schools are even at this point that have offered me."

What schools have offered you?

Days-" Toledo, Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech, Indiana and Eastern Michigan."

Do you have a timetable of when you want to commit?

Days-" Yes sir, I want to decide towards the end of the summer or a couple of games into the season. I want to see if I want to play defense or offense in college. This year I am going to be playing both ways so I will find out then. Some schools have offered me as a linebacker and some as a quarterback."

How important is it for you to play with your brother? Does he have offers yet as a junior?

Days-" That is going to be a major factor for me, because we want to play together in college. Toledo has actually offered him so that is a big factor for me."

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