Georgia Athlete " Blisters" FNL

Georgia athlete talks about his trip to Friday Night Lights and what he did to stand out among the country's best.

In a premier setting this weekend in Gainesville, Florida at Friday Night Light one Georgia athlete helped make a name for himself in matter of seconds.( Literally)

Chattooga High School's Senorise Perry ran a sub 4.3 forty and the buzz around the event took over from there.

How did you trip go to FNL?

Senorise Perry-"Yes Sir I went down there. It was pretty hyped up."

What position did you work out in down there?

Perry-" I worked at running back"

What was your 40 time?

Perry- " I ran a 4.24 40"

Wow that is flying. Were you the fastest 40 time there?

Perry" No sir, there was another kid that beat mine, but I was the 2nd fastest."

What was your height and weight down there?

Perry" I was 6ft and 185lbs"

What school do you hear from the most?


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