Nash Nance Off the Field speaks with Nash Nance about all the issues that have faced him over the last 12 months and what he thinks it takes to play quarterback at a high level

Quarterback- Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as: one who directs or leads. My definition is: one who has the ability to make others believe in you. You must be able to look ten other people in the eye and have them follow your lead.

Nash Nance of Calhoun High School has this trait.

Nash grew up in Calhoun and attended school there before he transferred to Darlington, a private school, in Rome, Georgia in the third grade.

"Growing up I was a slow fat white kid and only played recreation league football," he said.

"I kind of stopped with football and started playing some baseball. I came back out my 7th grade year and played on the line. It wasn't until about my freshman year I realized I was a pretty decent athlete. I ran track and did the high jump and actually did decent. I asked my Dad about playing quarterback and it just went from there. I gave it a shot and here I am today."

What is a your like off the field for you? Better yet what is a typical Sunday like for Nash Nance?

"I am really strong in my faith in Jesus Christ. I go to church every Sunday with my family. Most of my coaches go to the same church so it is good to know they are attending as well. I put Jesus Christ out front everyday. I get up every morning and pray, also to say thanks for giving me another day to live and getting me to where I am today," he said.

"After that I would usually go eat with my family and go home to spend some time together."

Spending time over the last year or so getting to know Nash and his Father Mike, I certainly know how close of a family they are.

Nash, how do you get the other people in the huddle to believe you can lead them and make the play?

"You know one of the biggest things I think is, they have seen my work ethic during the off-season. You have to have a great work ethic as a quarterback and you just can't come to practice to go through the motions. They have to know they can rely on you when the game comes around. When you are down by 7 and have less then a minute left they have to trust you.

They also have to know you on and off the field and I have a great relationship with my teammates."

What was the craziest thing you had happen to you during the recruiting process? "I guess it was the few days after Chad Simmons got my name out there from the Georgia camp. I got invited down to the Florida camp. Coach Meyer and Coach Mullen pulled me aside and then went on a tour with me around the whole campus. I was kind of nervous, but after a while I got used to it."

You have chosen to play at Vanderbilt. When did you know that were going there first?

"Really what opened them up was when I went up there for their junior day. I got to visit a ton of schools over the last year, but when I went to Vandy it opened my eyes to not only their academics but their football program as well. I waited a little while before deciding but that junior day was what sealed the deal for me."

It is no secret about the "rumblings" on the message boards about the position of quarterback at Calhoun, also the added pressure of being a favorite to win the state championship or least a preseason top 3 team to many. How have you prepared for this?

"I try not to think about all the crazy stuff and the talk around Calhoun. I just focus on football and our team. I have worked extremely hard this summer, not only with our program, but on my own. I work out twice a day and watch film. I want to make sure I am prepared to be my best and that is all I can do."

I have had the opportunity to get to know Nash over the last year. I have seen him live at combines and off the field settings. One thing is for certain, this a solid human and a solid football player. Calhoun and Vanderbilt are better places for having this young man around as student athlete.

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