What It Takes

GAVSV.com discusses what it takes to "Win it all". Championship teams all share certain traits and here are some that I believe in.

I have mentioned in a few of my articles in the past that I was a part of a team that won a State Championship in 1990 at Pepperell high school.

I am very proud of that fact, however I am more proud that I was able to do that with my teammates. It is a true TEAM AWARD to win one.

I think looking back over the years and talking with alot of coaches there are several key factors that you must do to get that victory in game 15.

1) Believe in your coach and coaching staff. Other than some words with our staff because we really wanted to run the score up on a rival, however our coach took us out at halftime. We never had any issues with players getting out of line. It only takes one person to be a bad apple to bring down 10 others. Understanding what your coach is trying to get you to learn during the week is important to be able to execute it on Friday night.

2)Out work the other teams. This had to start in January. You can not decide to get after it in June and expect to be on another level. We had at least 10 skill players that could bench over 325 pounds. Keep in mind this is a small AA school 20 years ago. This was not done without some work in the weight room and outside the school.

3)Have some luck. If you look at Georgia's football team last year they had something like 20 kids miss at least 1 game. Florida had maybe 6-7 at most. I think we had 2-3 kids miss a game the entire year during a 15 week stretch in a row. Yes we opened the season with a off week. So basically we had 20 weeks of practice in a row and only had 2-3 kids miss a game. That is luck my friends and you gotta have it.

4) Believe- Two times we trailed at half by two touchdowns. At this point is where you learn who you are as a team. Are you going to rally together or are you going to point fingers? Teams that are truly TEAMS will find a way.

5) Lead By Example I am not a big fan of a player that constantly screams and wants all the attention. A true leader does not have to say it, people just follow him because he can be counted on." The Big Eye in the Sky don't lie" is one of my favorite quotes. When you are together as a team and watching game film, your entire team sees how a leader plays. Let your play speak and not your mouth.

Happens every year that the most talented team in the State does not win their class. However the teams that do the things above more often will wear a ring and have the glory for a lifetime.

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