Carrollton Working Hard On The Road, This Time In Carrollton. Coach Rayvan Teague and his 2009 Team are working hard already. Here Is the Photo Gallery of Tonight's Practice.

Not many stadiums in the country looks this good.

View From the 50 yd line and new press box.

Up/Downs and I saw plenty of these today. Almost every play somebody was in position doing these. You gave up a big play or made a mistake, coach blew his whistle.

Half line or inside drill which ever you call it at certain schools.

Sophomore Zack Gordon TE/DE at 6'4" and 225lbs at least. Hard to believe he as 3 full season left.

Sophomore Class at Carrollton is LOADED. This WR is one to keep a eye on.

Coach said he wanted to hear some pads popping and they were during this drill.

Junior Marlandas Crane is a also a legit threat at WR with a big frame.

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