Callaway Coach Wiggins Talks About 2009

Callaway coach Michael Wiggins talks about his 2009 team and the work they have put in this summer at numerous camps. Coach Wiggins discusses moving forward without LaMichael Fanning.

I have talked to few coaches about the situation Callaway is going through right now. Two weeks before the season starts and they lose a player that will be a national recruit.

Each one of them mentioned they felt bad for the coach. They all know the work he has put in with his team and possible damage a loss like that can do to a team.

However I feel like Callaway is one of those few teams in AA that can sustain a loss of this size and still prevail. I mentioned last spring they are a team to watch and I still stand by that statement. When the preseason rankings come out next week, you will see how much I think about them.

Coach how did the summer prep work go for your team?

" We have had very good days of practice and the kids have been working hard. I feel like we are getting better at fundamental football. We are excited about the upcoming season."

Coach how have you dealt with LaMichael leaving as a coach with your team?

" Our kids are continuing to work hard. When LaMichael left I was disappointed because we had worked so hard as a team this past summer and he was a big part of that. We went to camps at Florida, Alabama, Clemson and Jacksonville State. Our kids worked hard and LaMichael worked hard. It was a big loss for him to leave and I wish LaMichael the best, I really do. However we never stopped working as team and we are looking forward to this season."

Can you talk about Quan Bray and Quantavious Leslie?

"Quan is going to play quarterback and he is a young man that works extremely hard. With all the camps and passing leagues we attended he has gotten better. We are excited about seeing him behind what I think is the best offensive line we have since I have been at Callaway."

"Quantavious is a big kid that is 6'4" and 180lbs. He is very fast for kid his size. He had offers from LSU, Tennessee, Clemson, Oklahoma State and West Virginia. He really like the coaches at West Virginia and committed to them. He works hard every day in practice and has great hands. He is a real physical kid and even plays on all our special teams and some defense."

Who are some players you see stepping up for you this year?

" I have 2 kids that I would like to talk about Rusty. Jamal Bruce is a DE for us and has started for 3 years. He has good grades and a offer from Air Force, UTC and Western Carolina. I know he is going to play well for us.

Randy Bailey is a linebacker for us that was the Region 5AA player of the year and also made 1st team state. He led us with 124 tackles and has started for us since he was a freshman. He just recently made a 27 on his ACT. We believe in him out there for us."

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