Grayson RB talks Big Win Over Camden talks with Grayson RB Ean Pemberton. He talks about what Coach Conn warned them about Camden County before taking the field.

Grayson over Camden County may sound like a upset to some, but I knew it would a old fashion slobber knocker and it was. I did pick Camden to win by a point. Teams like Camden find a way to win, and they almost did yesterday. Whether they played bad or Grayson was flat out better than them will be determined over the next weeks of the 2009 season.

We talked to Grayson RB Ean Pemberton today and here is what he had to say about the game.

How are you feeling today?

" I am tired, and a little soar from yesterday, but it is still good feeling."

What was the mindset of Grayson going into the game. It was no secret that alot of people (including myself) picked against you guys.

"We knew they had a good team and they were defending state champions. This game was treated like unfinished business because we lost to them two years ago in the semi finals. We felt like we had to prove something to show people we could not only hang with them, but also beat them. We also wanted to start the season off good."

What was the mindset knowing you had outplayed them for most of the game, but found yourself behind in the 4th quarter?

"Actually Coach Conn had talked to us about this game and let us know that at some point we could be behind Camden County but not to panic. He told us when you panic, you make more mistakes. We kept a calm head and waited for the opportunity to come and we took advantage of it."

How as a senior can you keep this team grounded and not let a positive win turn into a negative?

"The captains we have will make sure this team understands this is just the beginning. We got 9 more wins to go to make sure we make the playoffs and then we can refocus our goals then. We will make sure as seniors our team stays focused week to week. We will just worry about it game to game and not look ahead."

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