Calhoun vs. Dalton- Ask The Expert talks with Southeast Recruiting Manager Chad Simmons about the monster match up of Calhoun vs Dalton. Find out who he thinks may be the most improved player in state.

Friday night in Calhoun you will get everything you want in a game.

Two schools with traditions

Two schools with monster fanbases.

Two schools that are rivals just up the road from one another.

Two schools that have several college prospects on each team.

Two teams that flat out don't care for each other very much to be blunt.

I couldn't think of better place to be on Friday night to start the season off.

I sat down with Scout.Com Southeastern Recruiting Manager Chad Simmons and put him on the hot seat.

Does Calhoun have a advantage playing on there new turf?

" People say it is no different but in reality it is. Calhoun plays and practices on it so I think Calhoun has a advantage honestly. Calhoun has been running around on it and they have a feel for it. They know what to expect coming out of their breaks and things like that."

Dalton beat up on Calhoun pretty good last year. Do you really think that revenge will play a part in this game?

" I am sure that game is still in the back of the minds of those players and coaches that were on the field last year. Anytime you lose and come back to play that team again it is on your mind to get back at them. You look at Georgia- Georgia Tech game, I am sure that Georgia has heard alot about it in the offseason and will continue to up until game time. I would think it should fuel the fire for Calhoun knowing that Dalton really handled them for 4 quarters last year."

Would you give Dalton the advantage on the line of scrimmage with players like Watts Dantzler and Jalen Fields? Calhoun is replacing some lineman and lost a good player in Eric McDaniel as well.

" I would definately would give them the advantage, especially with guys of that magnitude. Guys that size and ability can dominate a whole side. I would not be surprised to see Calhoun go to the opposite of Jalen Fields on run plays. I would pretty much guarantee they will double team him coming off the edge on pass plays. Jalen Fields is a player that can take a game over at any point. I think Watts Dantzler is one of the most improved players in the entire state in any classification. He has pretty much changed his body and became much stronger over the offseason. I think he can become one of the top offensive lineman in the state by the end of the year."

What can Dalton do to try to slow down a high powered offense with Nash Nance and Da' Rick Rogers

" I am sure the Dalton coaching staff is asking that same question right now. Those guys are such a good duo, but they are best friends on and off the field. Having put that much time in together over the last year will make them tough for anybody to stop. It is going to be hard to stop Da'Rick and I am sure Dalton will double him on every play. Nash has very good accuracy and Da'Rick's size will make it very difficult. I would think Dalton is going to try everything they can to make somebody else beat them other than Da'Rick and Nash."

The Match up I think is getting over looked is the Calhoun defense versus the Dalton offense. Who would you give the advantage here?

" That is a very good question and that could easily be a toss up. If I have to chose one I think I would give the advantage to Calhoun here with two senior leaders like Kedron Aker and Cody Ralston at linebackers. Those two kids are gamers. Cody is the leader of the defense and he is a real hard nosed player. Aker is also a physical kid that is always around the ball in of the films I have watched on them. I would give Calhoun a slight, slight edge in that match up.

Calhoun Offense vs Dalton Defense?

" Anytime a player like Da'Rick Rogers is on the field, I have to give the edge to his team. Just because a player of his presence makes a team gameplan just for him. They will have to know where he is every play."

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