Pick Em Challenge Week 1 pick em challenge week 1. I put my "skills" up against Quizzy, Speaker of Da House, Wacohawkfan, Oceantiger and Wallywall. Join us each week to see who is winning!

Pick Em Contest Week 1

Here are the games

Charlton vs Clinch County

Dalton vs Calhoun

Southwest DeKalb vs ML King

St.Pius X vs. Marist

Spread game of the week

Prattville(AL) -7 vs North Gwinnett

Please note the spread game is for ENTERTAINMENT purpose only


Charlton, SWD, Calhoun, Marist, Prattville

Speaker of Da House

Charlton, SWD, Calhoun, Marist, North Gwinnett


Charlton, SWD, Dalton, Marist, North Gwinnett


Charlton, SWD, Calhoun, Marist, Prattville


Charlton, MLK, Dalton, Marist, North Gwinnett

Rusty's Picks

Charlton, MLK, Dalton, Marist, Prattville

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