Vent Pick Em Week 6

Current Standings of the $100 Challenge for the year long Pick Em. Check Out the Current Standings and view the picks for this week.

Hard to believe that going 3-2 last week helped me gain a full game on the leaders , but Thomasville win was worth that for me.

Current Standings

New overall standings

WallyWall 16-9, WacoHawkfan 16-9, Rusty Mansell 15-10, Oceantiger 14-11, Speaker of Da House 14-11, Quizzy 14-11

This weeks game on tab are:

Week 6

Greenville at Chattahoochee Co., Fitzgerald at Cook Co. Jefferson Co at Swainsboro, Westminster at Lovett, Spread Game, Lowndes at Northside WR ( +5)

Here are the picks of each contestant


Chattahoochee Co., Fitzgerald, Jefferson Co., Lovett, Lowndes


Chattahoochee, Fitzgerald, Jefferson County, Lovett, Northside WR

Speaker of Da House

Chattahoochee, Fitzgerald, Jefferson Co, Lovett, Lowndes


Chattahoochee County, Fitzgerald, Jefferson County, Lovett, and Lowndes


Chattahoochee County, Fitzgerald, Jefferson County, Lovett, Lowndes

Rusty's Picks

Chattahoochee Co, Fitzgerald, Swainsboro, Lovett, Lowndes

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