2011 Big Man Enjoys A Visit To The Plains

Having great QB play is vital to any offense, but having someone to protect him is proving to be just as valuable these days. Many teams are looking for that "ELITE" left tackle. Saturday one of the top OT's from the 2011 class took a visit to Auburn and here is what he told Scout.Com

Watts Dantzler is one of those kids that makes this job easy. At a towering 6'7" 300 lbs, Dantzler is a head turner at any combine or any game he plays in.

The first time I saw him last year he still was maturing body wise and quite frankly looked a little out of shape.

However watching him the first game this year against rival Calhoun, it didn't take long to know that Dantzler had spent his summer becoming a man among boys.

Was this your first time down for a Auburn game?

" Yes Sir it was my first game down at Auburn. I really liked it, I am telling you I really enjoy it down there. How Auburn does their recruiting they really have it down to a Tee.

They show you the campus, the total program and all the coaches make sure they talk to you at some point. I just really enjoyed my visit down there."

Do you have a Auburn offer yet?

"No Sir I haven't received it yet in the mail, but they let me know it was coming. I expect that soon."

What stood out about your trip the most to you?

" I would say seeing the campus and hanging out there. The fans were great and the food was good, it was just a really good trip for me. I will be going back soon."

Do you know when you may be back for a game at Auburn?

" Yes I will be back for the Iron bowl no doubt."

What are you thoughts on the new staff?

"That staff is really fired up about winning a National Championship. Coach Chizik is very laid back and cool guy to talk to."

Rusty's Final Word- I have talked with Watts many times over the last year and I can tell the excitement in his voice about his 1st trip to Auburn. Look for Auburn to become a SERIOUS player for this Massive OT prospect from the 2011 class.

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