Buford Lineman Focused On Senior Season

Buford HS OL Du'Von Milsap is getting ready for a important game against Westminster. He talks about dealing with a loss to Lovett and recruiting right here..........

Having offers from such teams as Ole Miss, South Carolina, Oklahoma State, Clemson, Louisville and Mississippi State you would think Du' Von Milsap would be in a recruiting war right now.

Actually he is far from it. This senior offensive lineman is focused on getting another state championship ring.

It would be Buford's 3rd in a row should they win it.

He is so focused on it in fact, he is not taking any visits or going to any games until after the season.

What has it been like dealing with a loss for the first time in 3 years at Buford?

Du'Von Milsap" We had a off week the next week after that game, so we had some tough practices.

I think we work harder just because of the fact we are not used to losing around here. We really don't want to lose anymore either."

How important is this game this week versus Westminster?

" We just want to play hard. We need to win to secure a spot at the top of the region."

What is it like knowing your are going to get every teams best effort each week? Is that something you guys talk about as a team?

"Yes Sir it's something we discuss.To us it is not about who we are playing against, it is about us playing Buford football. If we do that and take care of the football normally we win.It is never about other teams with us." "

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