Vent Pick Em Week 1 Playoffs

Well Well Well, just as you were about to write the old "expert" off, I pull a 5-0 week off and move up 2 spots in the rankings. Here are the current results and this weeks picks.


WacoHawkfan 36-19

Speaker of Da house 36-19

WallyWall 35-20

Rusty Mansell 35-20

Quizzy 34-21

Oceantiger 33-22

This weeks game are:

Week 12, ECI vs Hawkinsville, Tucker at Dalton, Brookwood at McEachern, Flowery Branch at Ridgeland, Spread Game, Pepperell (+21) at Buford

Quizzy-ECI, Tucker, McEachern, Flowery Branch, and Buford

OceantigerECI, Tucker, McEachern, Ridgeland, Buford

Rusty MansellECI, Tucker, McEachern, Flowery Branch, Buford

WallywallECI,Tucker,McEachern,Ridgeland, Pepperell

WacoHawkfanECI, Dalton, McEachern, Ridgeland, Buford

Speaker of Da HouseE.C.I., Tucker, McEachern, Ridgeland, Buford.

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