Ask The "Expert"

I get alot of questions about my travels with Scout.Com and here are some of the answers so far from this season.

Best Freshman I have seen this year?

Best Freshman I have seen this year is RB from Lassiter HS Tyren Jones. He is smaller type back and had a couple of fumbles the night I saw him,however he is VERY TOUGH between the tackles and has the 5th gear in the open field. He will be a MAJOR propect in 2013.

Best Sophomore I have seen this year?

Pepperell's Dakota Ball at 6'3" and 250lbs. Before his injury he was DOMINATING games from the TE/DT position. SEC/ACC schools are already in on him for 2012 class.

Best Junior I have seen this year?

Watts Dantzler massive 6'7 300 lb OT from Dalton. This was made alot easier after watching the Tucker vs Dalton film just now. He had a great game and had several pancake blocks. He will have his choice among schools for 2011 signing class.

Best Player I have seen all year regardless of class.

I get this question every week and I give the same answer and it has been very clear from week 1. Da' Rick Rogers WR from Calhoun HS. He is the best player I have seen in person since Reggie Brown back in mid 90's. He can do it all from his WR position and is a threat to score at anytime or anywhere on the field. If he qualifies to play at UGA, I expect him to play important minutes from game 1 on.

Best Game I have seen in person?

M.L. King vs Stephenson was a easy choice. What a game filled with D1 prospects. It was on national TV, had a SEC coach land in the parking lot in a helicopter. It was star filled game to say the least.

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