Vent Pick Em Round 3 Playoffs

At one point 5 weeks ago, I was trailing by 5 games. Currently check the standings

Trust me I am by no means getting cocky about the standings. Everybody is still in this with 10 games left in our contest. Very Tough games to pick this week.

This weeks games

Wilcox Co at Wesleyan, Lovett at Charlton Co, Peach Co at St Pius X, N Clayton at Clarke Central,

Spread Game, Lassiter(+5) vs Colquitt Co

Current Standings

Rusty 42-23, Speaker 40-25, Quizzy 40-25, WacoHawkfan 40-25, WallyWall 38-27, OceanTiger 37-28

This Weeks Picks

WallyWall- Wesleyan, Charlton Co, Peach Co., North Clayton, Lassiter

Oceantiger- Wesleyan,Lovett, Peach Co., North Clayton, Lassiter

Speaker of Da House-Wesleyan, Lovett, Peach Co, Clarke Central, Lassiter

WacoHawkfan-Weslayan, Lovett, Peach Co, Clarke Central, Colquitt Co

Quizzy- Wesleyan, Lovett, St Pius X, North Clayton, Lassiter

Rusty Mansell- Wilcox Co, Lovett,Peach Co.,Clarke Central,Colquitt Co

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