Right Or Wrong? Gainesville Going For 2

Gainesville High School Bruce Miller faced a life changing decision with no timeouts left. He chose to go for two to win the state championship. Right or Wrong?

I think many people gave me their opinion on the "play". I just happen to be in a area where several high school coaches were when the final play occurred.

Let me first say I was down on the field before the game and wanted to get the feel for each team. I had seen plenty of film on Gainesville, but very little on Peach County.

I heard a coach from Gainesville tells his players in the pregame, " they have been running their mouths for two weeks about wanting some of us, well they are about to get it."

Peach County wanted all of Gainesville and then some. They came out from the very first play and was flying all over the place. From the beginning it was clear to me that Peach was the faster of the two teams and had the better defense.

I say this alot and mean it. There is no rating in recruiting on Heart. Gainesville got hit in the mouth and knocked down over and over again, but Gainesville did not quit. They kept plugging away and made enough plays to find themselves in the game with 50 seconds left trailing 13-6.

Blake Sims and Tai-ler Jones worked together to get the Red Elephants within striking distance. It was there that Sims lauched a beautifully thrown pass to Michael Lorentz as time expired.

Now here you are down 13-12 with no timeouts, so Miller and staff had to make a quick decision. To me it was very simple. You are a offensive juggernaut and have been all year. All you need is three yards and you are the State Champions. Deep down, you know you have been getting beat pretty good, but your kids fought hard to get to this point.

Miller went for two. Immediately the coaches in my section were quick to point out that was the wrong call. I heard the 20% conversion on 2 pt play excuse, I heard every reason why he should not have went for two. Did I mention that all this was said AFTER the play? Nobody was quick to point this out, while Miller was having to make this life changing decision in a matter of seconds.

Coach Miller, you ask your kids to believe in you all Winter,Spring, Summer, and Fall and they did. You believed in them when it counted and I believe you made the right decision. Countless hours on the practice field and attending every passing camp known to mankind. Gainesville needed just 3 yards to get a ring. Peach County made one more play with no time on the clock and will be known as the winners of this game. In my book they are all winners , both teams and both staffs. Thanks for giving me a lifetime memory.

Kudos to Bruce Miller and his staff for a very gutsy call.

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