State Champ Coach Returns To Georgia

Former Pepperell High School Lynn Hunnicutt has returned to the Peach State. Find out what he thinks needs to happen to make the Model High School program a success.

In any coaching search each fanbase hopes the man in charge will hit the " homerun" hire. Let me make this real easy on the Shannon Community.

You hit a Grandslam in convincing Lynn Hunnicutt to take over a struggling program.

What was it about Model that made you to decide to get back into being a Head Coach?

Lynn Hunnicutt-" Well Rusty I got out because of my health. I felt like I have had total recovery and my doctor has given me great checkups. I am helping over here in Gaylesville, Alabama working with kids and building relationships. I miss that part of it.

The Model job came open and it had my interest so I moved forward to get it. People have asked me why I took this job. It was the same reason that I took the Pepperell job. I like a challenge of building a program and not trying to sustain one. To me that is more of my cup of tea. I want to win and the people that know me, know that.

It is going to take some time and some hard work for us to get respectable as a team."

What have you told the kids so far in meetings with them?

Hunnicutt-" I have told them I am a demanding coach that is all business within our program. We are going to have a vision and our kids need to believe in our vision.

The big thing is I teach our kids about the three B's. Books, Barbells, Ball and keeping those things in priority is a must for me. Those things are not in order right now with this program to be quite honest.

You have to take care of your books before anything. I have always preached that. To compete in this region you must train and commit in the weightroom as well. We have 50 kids aleady starting in our weight program and we consider that a good start."

Rusty's Take- Playing for this man, I can't say enough about how much of a role he has played in my life. He is the type of coach that is highly demanding of each player. He is demanding but fair. I never took the field playing for him that I did not expect to win. He will have the Model team at a new level sooner rather than later. Sit back Model and enjoy this man, because he is a life changer,not just a coach.

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