Camden County Once Again

Camden County took the hard road to the Georgia Dome losing 2 early games, but finished on a high note by claiming a ring again in class 5A.

Speaking with Coach Jeff Herron back in August, I could sense in his voice he has some questions about his 2009 team. After early season losses to Grayson and Hoover (Ala), Camden reeled off 12 straight to claim back to back championship.

Coach how did you keep your kids hungry during the offseason and summer practice as defending champs?

Coach Herron-" Well Rusty I felt like in 2003 we did not handle it real well. I felt like we lost that hunger in that offseason and Lowndes outworked us the whole year so when we played them in the semi finals we were not prepared for it. So when we started early workouts in February I had the 2004 Lowndes game playing on the big screen to just to make sure they have not forgotten what happened.

I also think that getting beaten early in the season helped us as much as anything quite honestly."

What did you see out of your team after a couple of early season losses?

Coach Herron-" I think our kids understood they had to get better. We lost the first one ( Grayson), barely won the second one ( First Coast, Fl) and then losing late to Hoover(Al). It got our coaches attention and it get our communities attention for certain.

From that point forward I felt our kids had that hunger and drive to get better and they did. I wasn't sure how much we had improved until we got into the playoffs."

How do you compare this team to other Camden teams from the past?

Coach Herron-" Well you know they are all different. The thing that sticks out in my mind about this team , is they did it when nobody expected them to do it and that made it kind of special. This is not the most talented team we have ever had by any stretch of the imagination. This is a very special group to me. They really put in the work to get it done and it paid off."

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