Trey Gore proves his worth to GWA basketball

You won't find Trey Gore's name listed as the leading scorer for many George Walton Academy basketball games. Yet, the junior contributes in so many other areas that GWA coach George Perides calls him a "vital part" the Bulldogs' success.

"Trey is one of the most unselfish players that I have coached in a long time," Perides said. "He fills his role well. He has to do what I call the 'dirty work' because he is always guarding the opponent's best player."

In addition to his defensive ability, Gore is the point guard for the GWA team which is attempting to win its third consecutive state title.

"He has to run our offense and the basketball is in his hands most of the time," Perides said. "On the other end of the court, he has to go all out, sometimes for 32 minutes, on defense."

Like anyone who has ever played the sport, Gore wouldn't mind being the team's leading scorer, but he accepts his role with the unselfish nature his coach talks about.

"I play for a team, not for myself," Gore said. "As long as we win, it doesn't matter. I try to get everyone involved with the offense and let them handle most of the scoring."

"You couldn't ask for a better young man to coach," Perides said. "He is well-liked by his fellow students. He is a quiet leader who is the definition of a team player."

Gore has helped GWA earn a 21-6 record this season. The Bulldogs will begin their quest for a third consecutive GISA state title Thursday when they host Eagles Landing.

"Trey is the type of player who will always listen to what you say," his coach said. "When you tell him something, he looks you in the eye, listens and then goes out and does it. A coach can't ask for any more than that."

Gore said his goal, along with that of his teammates, is to play for the state title again.

"I don't get caught up in stats," Gore said. "As long as we make it back to Milledgeville (where the GISA Final Four is played) then everything will be fine."

The GWA junior said being the focal point of the team's offense and defense is something that doesn't bother him.

"I know the pressure is on me, and I just try to handle it the best way I can," Gore said.

"He certainly handles it well," Perides said. "He helps us in so many ways."

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