Brandon Pechloff Wants a Chance

Brandon Pechloff is a rarity at the high school level. He's a 6'6" quarterback who doesn't see the field on a regular basis. Pechloff's situation is one that many have not heard about, and IllinosHSPreps.Com has all the details on his desire to show what he can do.

One would think that a 6'6" high school quarterback would be a lock for a starting job, but that's not the case for junior Brandon Pechloff of Montini Catholic High School in Lombard, Illinois.

Pechloff wants to make it clear that he's a major college quarterback who hasn't been given the chance to showcase his skills in a high school game.

"I'm not arrogant, but I know I should have been on the field more last year," Pechloff admitted. "I'm more of a passer but my coach liked the option so I never got to play much. One time last year we down 21-7 my coach put me in and I brought us back only to have him take me out to put the starter back in. I ran the best two minute offense for a high school kid, but just didn't get on the field too much."

Usually when a kid knows the talent is there but the situation isn't the greatest they often talk of transferring, but not Pechloff. For him it was a thought and that's it.

"I'm a very positive kid," Pechloff said. "My parents want me to work for what I get. It's a good life lesson, so that's what I plan to do."

And despite his limited playing time, there are a number of colleges that have contacted Pechloff, including Ohio State, Illinois, Indiana, and Cincinnati.

"At one point Ohio State was at the top of my list," Pechloff stated. "I still like them, but right now I just want to play and show everyone what I can do. What's really tough for me to deal with is all those schools plus so many more - all say they want to offer me but they can't because I didn't see the field enough this year. I have no game film or anything to show them, but they all love my size, skill level, and passing ability."

For now he wants to work on his game, keep improving and try to get his team to state.

"Last year I went to the Ultimate 100 camp, and came away as the best quarterback in the camp," Pechloff acknowledged. "The top receiver in the camp was the kid on my team. We did well together; I put the ball only where he could get it. I came back told my coach that I was the top rated QB there; he told me too bad you're still our backup this year."

Our plans is to follow Pechloff's career and once he decides on a college, we'll have it here first at IllinoisHSPreps.Com

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