Peoria Guard Did His "Homework"

D.J. Richardson, former Peoria (IL) guard who played his first three years of high school basketball for the Peoria Central Lions, is ready to come home. He has one more quarter of prep school, then comes back home to the land of Lincoln.

D.J. Richardson wasn't ready to leave his home state, but knew if he wanted greater things for himself he had to attend prep school. Richardson now attends Findlay Prep School in Henderson (NV). The argument could be made that had Richardson stayed and played in Peoria this year, he would have been a lock for Mr. Basketball and the Player of the Year.

Last night in Peoria we caught up with Richardson for a brief status update from Richardson:

- My team is 30-0 right now. We are going to play for a National Title in Washington D.C. on April 3rd. The game will be played on ESPN; everyone will get to see me play.

- School went great here for me. Just last quarter when I got my grades I had a 3.2, which means with my ACT score I will be in great shape for college.

- When I'm finished out here I plan to go back home for a little bit, then head down to Champaign for summer school sometime in June.

- The Illinois coaches came to see me play twice. Coach Weber came once and Coach Howard came down to watch me play on my birthday.

- I missed being at home playing. My mom got to see me play once in Kentucky, but my dad never saw a game. He was able to see them on the Internet, but that's it.

- I was able to play a lot of 2 and 3 this year, which really helped me with shooting and being able to create my own shot. Last year at Central I played some PG, so I will be prepared for everything when I get to Illinois next year.

According to Richardson, Findlay Prep is Ranked #1 by USA Today and #2 by ESPN. Next week during the national tournament Richardson will keep us updated for details check out our message boards.

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