Alex Rossi Can Shoot It

For those who don't know Alex Rossi, he's one of the best shooters in the country and last night he gave an update on schools he is strongly considering.

Alex Rossi is a 6'5" shooting guard who is having a great spring. The New Trier guard can flat out shoot the basketball.

"I'm not into selfish numbers, but I know I've had 30 or more in a couple games this year," Rossi said. "But my shooting is what sets me apart from other players I think."

Rossi has a list of suitors but for the moment he's determined his top four schools. However, he says that list is not final.

"I would have to say Cal, Stanford, Virginia and Northwestern," Rossi acknowledged. "When I was a freshman I visited Wisconsin, and I absolutely loved it up there, but now I think they have recruited over me. Actually, I bet they don't even know I exist anymore. There's nothing personal with the Big Ten, but I think I want to go out west."

When asked the question if he was a college scout and saw him play what's the first thing they would say, he answered "That's easy that kid can shoot it!" Rossi stated. "I love coming off screens and making the defense pay."

Rossi is a member of the Class of 2010 and listed here at as a four-star recruit. scouting report on Rossi:

He's a big-time student with high-major wing.

He possessed one of the top shooting strokes in his class.

He makes them off the catch, from mid and deep range.

He's a sneaky athlete with a tremendous feel and basketball IQ.

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