Allen Big And Versatile

Jeffersonville (Ind.) junior tight end Dionte Allen is a 6'4, 250-lb prospect who has a host of major programs looking his way.

Jeffersonville High has had a couple of college prospects come through its doors in recent years, the most notable of which was Edward Wright-Baker, who signed with, and played at Indiana.

The Red Devils have a big junior receiving quite a bit of attention in 6'4, 250-lb tight end Dionte Allen, who has had two good seasons on the varsity team.

"It went pretty good [this year]," he said. "We ended up making it to the sectional championship, we lost, but I ended up with 719 yards off 43 receptions and I had a little rushing, 381 yards and 6 touchdowns rushing. Last season, I had more rushing, and receiving wise, I was a little bit off, I had 790 my sophomore year. For the most part, it went pretty good. We went farther than last season."

He does not currently have any offers, but Allen has a laundry list of programs sending him mail and game invites.

"Yeah, I'm seeing mail from schools like Nebraska, Michigan State, Louisville, Iowa, Ohio State, at the beginning of last season, I got my first letter from UCLA. Vanderbilt, Ball State, here and there. I haven't been on any visits but Louisville and Iowa did invite me, Michigan State, Ball State did, Kentucky did, Purdue, and Notre Dame."

With his size and versatility, Allen could project to a couple spots. His rushing stats corroborate that, but in college, he plans on being strictly a tight end.

"My position is tight end. The way I am now, with our coach, he's got me everywhere, all around the field. I play defense too, defensive end, I did a lot there. They're trying to get me anywhere I can be a presence at, but tight end is where I got All-State and All-American."

As the recruiting process heats up, expect more schools to become interested in this "jumbo athlete," but there is one particular program he hopes will jump on.

"My favorite college is Alabama all the way, Roll Tide all the way. I'm not hearing from them for the time being."

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