INTRO 2015: Quentin Moon

Pike OLB Quentin Moon is on the radar of many schools.

Pike outside linebacker Quentin Moon packs a heck of a punch on his 6'2 215 pound frame. He helped lead the talented Red Devils to a 7-5 season in their first season in the highly competitive MIC Conference. He is latest playmaker in a group of talented players to play for Coach Derek Moyers at Pike.

How did your junior season go?

I had a pretty good junior season. We had a challenging game every week in the MIC conference which meant I had to bring my all each and every game. I continue to grow in ability and strength each year that I play and I am looking forward to an even better senior year.

What schools are currently recruiting you?

Northwestern University lndiana University Boston College Purdue University Virginia Tech University of lowa University of Missouri University of Cincinnati

What offers do you currently have?

I haven't received any offers as yet,

Do you have a favorite school at this point?

I don't have a favorite at this time.

ls there a school you wish was recruiting you?

I'm a big fan of the Big Ten, ACC and SEC conferences and like many of the schools in these conferences.

What schools have you visited?

Northwestern IU Cincinnati

Do you have upcoming plans to visit any other schools?

I will be going to Purdue early February and hope to visit quite a few more during the spring and summer

What other sports do you play?

Football is my only sport. My off season time is spent training.

What would you like to major in?

I'm still exploring. I do well in math and science so maybe something in those areas.

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