INTRO 2015: Markell Jones

Record setting Columbus East back looking to the future!!!

Markell Jones has had an amazing career so far at Columbus East. Last season he and his team accomplished the ultimate goal of winning the state championship. Now Markell will look forward to his future before he sets upon his senior season at Columbus East.

How did your junior season go?

Our team had a great season we went 15 and 0 and won the class 4a state championship game. With the help of many excellent offense of lineman including the Devorous Lewis, Evan Kuhn and Jared Whiteside, Joey Bastien and Seth Frownfelter, I finished the season with 2650 plus yards 42 touchdowns and 10.6 yard per carry.

What schools are currently recruiting you?

I get letters from school such as Purdue Indiana Louisville Wisconsin NC State Ohio State Iowa Ball State Toledo and Nebraska. Along with others.

What offers do you currently have?

I currently have scholarship offers from Toledo and Purdue.

Do you have a favorite school at this point?

At this point no favorite still in the evaluating process.

Is there a school you wish was recruiting you?

There's not really a school that I wish was recruiting me because the schools that are recruiting me are the schools that I like.

What schools have you visited?

I have visited Purdue Indiana Ohio State Auburn Louisville Cincinnati Ball State.

Do you have upcoming plans do visit any other schools?

I plan to visit Wisconsin in the following weeks.

What other sports do you play?

Currently I just play football in the offseason I play 7 on 7 football and train for next season.

What would you like to major in?

I would like to major in business or Aviation

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